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Interview with Drum Majors ATL by the Queen of KiVeah LaTavia Shaquay

05/31/13 11:00:00PM
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Interview with Drum Majors ATL by the Queen of KiVeah LaTavia Shaquay

 Awesome Interview from @_DrumMajorsATL @DrumMajorsATL

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Got A Minute...Great interview with Drum Majors ATL

QK:  How do feel about today’s industry?

DM ATL:  I feel that the Industry Is full of talented people I love hearing what’s out because it makes me step my game up, But The Industry is always changing, New Sound New People Some Good Some not.(QK: great answer)

QK:  Do you feel that today’s challenges within the entertainment industry will have a negative impact in the future?

DM ATL: It Depends On how you go by doing it and how you're trying set yourself In the Industry.

QK:  Can you tell me who has had a major impact on your life?

DM ATL: Dr.Dre, Shawdy Redd & Mannie fresh, I Love there structure and vice versa. They can be on beats they Make me Step my game up ten times more.

QK: Do you think some of today’s industry names should be where they are today?

DM ATL: Yes it’s all about your grind. You have to put your music out there you can’t just sit around all day and let your partners listen all you have to grab these folks attention out here and show them what you're about.

QK: Do you think real hip-hop is dead?

DM ATL: No, I don’t think hip-hop is Dead it’s A lot of lyrical people out there. Really to me it was never was dead it's just some of the folks that’s in it.

QK: Describe yourself in one word?

DM ATL: The word that would describe me is Urban polite, confident, sophisticated.

QK: If you had a chance to tell every youth in the world that may look up to you, what would you tell them?

DM ATL: I would tell them don’t let no body tell you what you can’t do, perfect your craft and learn the business you don’t wanna jump out hear head first and end up being in tha worst contract ever and all always willing to network because you never know who the person know or what position you can be put in . (QK: Wow great answer)

QK: Where can the world find you?

DM ATL: U can Find us on Twitter @_DrumMajorsATL @DrumMajorsATL & On facebook - DrumMajorsATL

Thank you Drum Majors ATL for taking the time to grant KiVeah a interview...You've just Unleash the Beast

Interview conducted by the Queen of KiVeah LaTavia Shaquay

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